Monday, April 07, 2008

Kent, and then suddenly Spain

On Friday we decided to re-enact our historic walk (last year) in the Kent countryside, and so we did. We walked to Luddesdown

whose church was closed again. Nearby we saw again this old (? grain mill?) but last year it was autumn then and there were no such flowers in it.

And there was more brassica. A small purple forest of it.

And then on Saturday I hopped a plane to Spain to escape the rain. Lula has been vigilant, catching wild plastic pigs that might be threatening us (why else would they be flying away from us at regular intervals, she reasoned) and giving them a good shake to subdue them before presenting us with the corpse.

All is warm and peaceful at Almassera Vella. Marisa and Christopher would like you please to come on down!

Lots of lemons.

And it is orange season. We are being willingly drowned in fresh orange juice.

Marisa's lentil soup was just what we needed after our travels.

And lunch yesterday was a beautiful sight; so many lovely cheeses! And an elegant Russian Salad with tuna.


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