Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucky old me

I got to realise a long-deferred wish on Saturday, and visited Cyrus Todiwala's Cafe Spice Namaste to check out some Parsee cuisine. I read elsewhere that the Parsees are shrinking in number, because their religion, Zoroastrianism, prohibits intermarriage and conversion; you have to be born right.

Anyway, the food was very good. The starters were unusual; after poppadoms with wonderful chutneys, we had crab cakes,

beetroot & coconut samosas and some potato pancakes filled with minced beef with smooth tomato chutney. Then some absolutely astounding tandoori duck

that had been marinated in yogurt and lime before grilling, a version of saag paneer and a dish of buttered sweetcorn and water chestnuts.

Naan with chili, garlic and ginger on the side was fluffy and crispy and pretty as a picture.

The passion fruit sorbet was terrific but the toffee and apricot icecream was to slide under the table and faint for.

And the lassi was excellent also.


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