Friday, September 18, 2009

Howdja like them apples?

I went on another apple pick for the Fruit Tree Project the other day, or tried to. When we got there the owner explained that a fellow who'd picked his apples last year to make wine had turned up again this year and been told the fruit was going to LifeCycles; a couple of days later the tree was completely stripped,

leaving only this one little windfall to show what a gorgeous apple it was:

And this is what the skin looked like:

The owner didn't know what it was; the pick leader thought maybe Gravenstein. So we picked what few apples there were on two other trees

and headed for a grapevine that was growing all over a house and into the hedge

and picked about 140 lbs of grapes from the one vine.

Then I made a cake from some of the grapes.

I admit I was suspicious of the recipe's description of the "rustic crunch" of the grape pips, but in fact it was just so, and an excellent cake. We had some assorted appetizers - artichoke dip, Greek Salad, and some of Delia's courgette & potato cakes with mint & feta (aka kolokythokeftedes) which I have made before and always have trouble turning as they get mushy, but they dry out eventually and are delicious. Had some beautiful yellow zucchini which I picked myself at Haliburton on Wednesday and made that into a respectable zucchini alla scapece.

So a good old feed.

Ready to feed the soul with the opening night of Planet Earth poetry later this evening!


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