Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thundering to Montreal River Bay

Indeterminate weather on Monday as we set off from Thunder Bay, but great clouds, and lots of lake.

Lucky truckers. We check out the traffic ahead of us.

It is construction season in Canada, so we've seen a fair amount of that. Here's where your car tires are going (fittingly, into the road beds of new highways).

Travelling through Group of Seven country, most definitely.

A beautiful place on Lake Superior: Old Woman Bay.

Our BCAA guide told us the place to eat in Wawa is the Kinniwabi Pines,

where you can get Canadian, Chinese and Trinidadian cuisine, and where we managed to get a cup of tea. Alas for us we were too early for the Trinidadian (Mom makes the meals elsewhere and they arrive at 5pm) but we were provided with a perfectly fine stir-fry which we could heat up in our cabin later. The brother and sister who run the place told us how the view there sold them on the place and they're still happy there ten years later. We could see why. Look one way and it's this:

and the other way it's just this:

Moose, moose everywhere.

A train, a lake.

Welcome to Montreal River!!

Another spring? Lilacs out at the Twilight Resort.

Not quite hiding behind a tree beside our cabin.

Swinging nightlife at Montreal River.

Richard enjoys a glass of wine and a few pistachios before dinner.

Dinner is served.

The shores of Lake Superior, at Montreal River.


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