Saturday, May 24, 2008

Some talk about reading, and an evening walk in the valley

Some interesting discussion yesterday about the different ways of reading: for academic purpose vs for writing. Erin and John talked about their ways of preparing during the writing of a poetry project, reading widely and employing techniques of serendipity, or delving and re-delving into more challenging works in order to find directions of thought from them.

Between our excellent meals we have been trying to walk off a pirogy here, a cookie there. One popular destination is Prairie Cherries, where the proprietors sell organic cherry products from their orchard. The variety they grow is a cross between the sturdy prairie classic, the Mongolian Cherry, which is short and hardy but a bit on the tart side; and the pie cherry for sweetness, a variety developed by the University of Saskatchewan.

On our after-dinner tick-catching stroll, we saw another prairie fruit in bloom everywhere: Saskatoon blossoms everywhere.

We met a Red Wing Blackbird.

And a wee Warbler.

A beaver dam...

...and a beaver.

A white horse....

...a black horse.

A deer on a hillside.

And lots of what Gary described as prairie wool. It's like walking on a down quilt. Would've lain down to look at the stars but for the ticks.


Blogger the regina mom said...

I must, must, must (!!!) get to the valley soon, soon, soon (!!!) especially now, after the rain!!!

3:14 p.m.  

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