Sunday, June 19, 2011

Bye bye Blogger

Well my friends, I've moved, and you're invited to join me at my new home on the web, where my first new posting is now up, alongside the Iambic Cafe archive.

If you currently subscribe by email, you can simply click this link and fill in your email address. You'll have to confirm your subscription to activate it.

Or if you subscribe by RSS feed, click this link.

I'll send reminders after I make my first couple of blog postings from the new site and then leave this one up and dormant, while I gradually dismantle the archive.

I'll still be posting occasional entries on blogger from the Really Random Garden blog, so if you subscribe to that it won't change (or if you want to subscribe, the links for subscribing by email and RSS can be found near the top of the left hand column on that page).


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