Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Ah, the mourning after... but Good Holding Ground, a very nice cake, and a launch this Friday

What can one say but congratulations to my new MP, Randall Garrison, who will shortly be joining lots of other new NDPs in Ottawa; and congratulations to Elizabeth May, who will be there too, waving a big green flag for that most undiscussed election issue.

Last Friday it were poetry, poetry, poetry as Cynthia Woodman Kerkham - who tonight reads the poem that won the Malahat Review's Open Season competition - launched her first collection. Good Holding Ground, at Planet Earth Poetry. Place was packed to the rafters, and a jolly and generous crowd it was.

It never hurts a literary event to add a superb chocolate cake; like this one from Wildfire Bakery:

While I cannot promise such a cake this Friday, I am delighted to be launching a chapbook of food poems, The Earth's Kitchen, also at Planet Earth Poetry, in the excellent company of Yvonne Blomer and Pamela Porter.


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