Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday to you all

Started mine by listening to Vandana Shiva spell it out, again, in words of splendid simplicity, on CBC's The Current. The poverty and suffering inflicted by globalised trade - poor countries unable to compete with subsidised imports from wealthy countries; massive Indian farmer suicides caused by industrial debt; the destructive nature of fuel-based agriculture; and the madness of growing crops to feed livestock or fuel cars (and subsidised commodities) while people are starving..

And she referred to the IAASTD report on the future of world farming, a year after the release of its 2500 page report, compiled by 400 scientists from 64 countries (including Canada). Its findings were never ratified by our noble country, not surprisingly since they state pretty plainly that if the world is to be fed, we must radically change farming policies and practices: large-scale industrial (fossil-fuel-based) farming, agricultural subsidies and GM do not work as a sustainable way to feed the world. In a nutshell, small-scale organic farming is the way forward.

Can't wait till she rocks the G8 in July this year; as we were told by Carlo Petrini, an invitation has been extended by this year's Italian presidency of the group, to have a presentation to G8 leaders by Terra Madre.. and surely Vandana must be the first voice in food sanity. They will have a chance to hear, and we must hope they listen.

Here's an amazing poem by Alaskan poet Olena Kalytiak Davis.

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