Thursday, February 12, 2009

Food poetry, real dirt and western syrup

Elizabeth sent me this review of a food poetry collection by Deanna Fong, which sounds fantastic.
We watched The Real Dirt on Farmer John last night; it was a terrific documentary, though for a while we were weeping into our popcorn and hoping against hope for a happy ending. Glad to say they gave us one. And lots of information about CSA programs; I was shocked to realise the one at Angelic Organics was over ten years old!

I was sad to have missed the Bigleaf Maple Syrup Festival in Duncan last weekend. There's a small but active group of local syrup makers called the Sapsuckers, who tap the western maple - lower in sugar than its more famous eastern counterpart, but still doable (as is birch) - and offer workshops and advice on making syrup.


Blogger the regina mom said...

It was a good film and though I skipped the popcorn I was thankful for the tissue in my pocket because it really did bring tears, most probably because I'm still grieving the sale of the land I grew up on and the way of life that raised me.

And when I get home I'm signing up for CSA.

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