Thursday, October 16, 2008

Borough Market

Treated myself to a soothing time at Borough Market today; Thursdays are less fraught than Saturdays, and the weather was fine and the food looking good as ever.

Some Spanish cheeses at Brindisi..

Nice sausages, and plenty of them.

Tis the season of squash.

No visit to Borough Market complete without dropping in at Neal's Yard:

And it is, again and no doubt about it, mushroom season.

Note the giant puffball slices at the front...

and all manner of others.

Ginger Pig has lovely ham, and bacon, and a few faggots. And lots of sausages.

Fish, looking fresh.

But it was, above all, lunchtime. The man at the fish stall puts together a stew...

The Argentinian empanadas were popular.

Maybe a chocolate to finish?

And now I'm away to Italy, not taking my laptop so postings may be erratic till I catch up with myself. A presto...


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