Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sundae yummy sundae

I don't eat much ice cream but… every so often I get a yen. A yearning. A downright craving. Believing prefab chocolate sauce is not only a dangerously stupid substance to keep in the house, it also doesn't taste very good, now that my palate has been trained to high quality chocolate bars. So the obvious solution is to melt down a high quality chocolate bar - or as much/little of it as you need. Melt it on low heat with a dab of butter and thin with cream or milk and dribble in a bit of quality hooch like armagnac or calvados. Cool it a few minutes - while you toast some almond slivers in a frying pan - and then lavish it over the ice cream, add some whipped cream and the almonds and hey presto, we're good till the next time.

Wednesday's launch of Cartography was grand but I'll save the word on that till Brian my ace photographer is able to share some of the snaps he took. Suffice to say I am snacking on leftovers, including some of that there smoked oyster pate which I made in happy memory of my first attempt back in February at the writers colony in Saskatchewan. I recommend it paired with Hardbite Jalapeno chips...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the launch was a literay and culinary delight. And Rhona (without a D) was in fine form indeed! The smoked oyster pate was as delectable as my memory of the one at St. Pete's. The smoked salmon cheesecake was, well, divine.

9:40 p.m.  

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